Green Park Tenkasi

Green Park Matriculation School is a Centre of Excellence in Education and is one of the best schools in Tamilnadu to impart quality education. At Green Park, we strive at creating a stimulating environment where children learn because they want to and not because they have to.

Well qualified experienced teachers
Well-equipped and spacious class rooms
Digital Learning and advance teaching
A large playground with all facilities
Safe and secure transport facilities
Dedicated To Excellence

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We are here to identify the Aptitude of the students and mold their caliber and passion to become achievers and face the challenges of an ever changing and highly competitive world.

Teaching Methods

Academic brilliance alone will not suffice in today's ever evolving and a highly competitive world hence the school lays emphasis on the holistic development of the students by encouraging participation in extracurricular activities and application of information technology and multimedia in the 'Teaching - Learning process'.

Our Vision & Mission

We sensitise children to appreciate our rich culture by inculcating traditional values of our great nation and give significant emphasis on character building, an aspect which we believe is very essential in their formative years.


To discover the hidden potential of every student and prepare them to handle challenges in the fast changing world. Our ultimate aim is to build a community for personal growth, academic excellence and global citizenship.


To enrich the student community with the sound foundation of knowledge, life skills, create social consciousness and make them responsible individuals who would grow to be the leaders of tomorrow.


The motto of the school signifies discipline, courage and excellence. All students are trained and brought up in such a way that it makes the journey of education a successful one for them.

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Smart Digital Learning from Learning Fair

An ultimate visual learning and interactive digital activities for our students. We provide a meticulous repository of world-class digital lessons, interactivities, worksheets and printable consisting of high-quality graphics, animations, audio and video on every subject.

Visual Learning
Interactive Activities
Effective Assessments
Worksheet Activities

“ As parents, we would like to take this prospect to thank the teachers for their continuous care, support, collaboration, and most importantly patience. We have witnessed massive and exponential development in my daughter. My daughter feels very comfortable and she tries to follow her teacher as a role model at home.”

“ I would like to say that I am very impressed with the children's events and their performances. Thank You for all the effort the teachers have put in with them. The events are very fun, entertaining and educational for them. Keep it up Green Park Matriculation School – Tenkasi! ”

“ I feel proud and honoured to be associated with Green Park School – Tenkasi since its inception and see the school grow from its humble beginnings to an institute which now has the latest state of the art facilities and infrastructure. It is indeed a privilege to be a part of the management team that is keen on pursuing excellence in education. ”

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Vanitha Ilangovan



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